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Acer Turion 5101AWLMI Laptop Strong Feature

Acer Turion 5101AWLMI Laptop has featured with ITU V.92 type of protocols and specifications. This tool has been marketed with the wake on ring feature. This device has come with an part called network adapter that is essential for proper networking. It has been sold with wireless LAN support. It uses certain data link protocol like Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, fast Ethernet and IEEE 802.11g. This protocol has to be used for proper data linking. It uses a separate protocol called DMI 2.0 for remote management

Acer Turion 5101AWLMI Laptop is intended as a notebook type of computer with portability. Acer is a most important company in the manufacturing of these types of laptops especially with lightweight. It has been marketed with built-in accessories like wireless LAN aerial and stereo speakers. It has been launched with the size as 35.8 x 26.9 x 3.4 cm as width, depth and height. It has the capability to use modem for faxing facilities. The data transfer speed of the modem has been measured as up to 56 KB per second.

Latest new technologies like AMD 64 technology, enhanced virus protection, and hyper transport technology for making the functions easy. It has a sole feature called 64-bit computing. It is embedded with ATI Radon Express 1100 motherboard. There is a cache memory that has been used for additional storage. It avails with a L2 type of cache memory.

The installed or built-in memory capacity of Acer Turion 5101AWLMI Laptop has called as “RAM” which has the potential to store up to 512 KB. It has been featured with numerous expansion slots namely SD Memory card, XD picture card, type II PC card and memory stick card. Each slot has the ability to get extra space for storage. If needed, this is the only way to expand the storage capacity of the device.

Acer Turion 5101AWLMI Laptop has availed with a display screen and the screen has the ability to show you stunning images with the help of crystals. It has equipped with LCD technology to offer the best colours on the screen. The screen size of the device has measured as 15.4 inches. It also uses numerous expansion slots.

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